Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Social Recruiting...Good & Bad Guys

This was an excerpt from my thoughts on the @Animal Radio Show http://bit.ly/4khIBF.

I really am searching for what the Social Media Recruiters do and how they do it. Techniques, questions, recruiting skills.

Am I the only one that feels this way? Why do Personal Branding experts choose not to respond to a request for help in leveraging a relationship to facilitate gaining information? Inquiring minds would like to know...just saying.


  1. Pursuing the answers to these questions is a waste of time. While I like to be the occasional nay-sayer (frequent might be a better description) I'm really not bent on having someone prove to me it might work from time to time.

    Most of it simply does not work for my field. I can see quite a few recruiting disciplines where SM might work - advertising, PR, recruiting, sales, etc. So maybe it's just not the right tool for you Dave...?

    Either way - just go make a few placements. Let everyone play with the cool new stuff - if it doesn't work for you - then so be it. Why would you pass up the tools that DO work for you just to prove others don't?

    Note: I can debate either side of this argument. My views are subject to change - and I excercise that right frequently. (This is the internet!)

    I don't like tennis either.

  2. Excellent feedback Jerry. I just wnat to know what and hw these Social Recruiting experts do and how they do it.

  3. Hi David:

    Social media relationships are like all relationships. There will always be folks who disappoint and there will also be those who are there for you within seconds. There are phonies, nutjobs and really decent souls.

    I find that true "experts" do it rather than talk about it so the really successful ones might be a more quiet group. The word "guru" points to snake old marketing so I chuckle when I see those claims.

    As Career Coaches in Ohio our world has exploded with new Twitter, Blog Talk Radio and LinkedIn friends...and ROI. Jerry's bro needed resume help and within 10 minites he had it. Paul Paris has an outreach site and we're participating. My Merck pharma rep daughter (@medicalsalespro)is getting down-sized and Paul is really going the extra mile. Karla retweeted daughter's elevator pitch within seconds. And so it goes.

    With warm relationships comes business. So far it's all good. I'm sure in time someone will be unpredictable and we'll deal with it... but that's the way it is on every playground. :o)

    Janice Worthington
    Worthington Career Services

  4. I appreciate your insights Janice and thanks for joining!

  5. Hi David:
    I don't think you should make general statements about any group of people. Not all "SM experts" will be unhelpful as the ones you dealt with, just as not all recruiters are jerks. I think the person you thought you had a relationship with was not interested in really helping only money- just like some recruiters! I agree with the animal that we are not in it to do random acts of kindness, but some sincere desire to be of mutual assistance does make the difference.
    IMO Janice is correct, the famous quote "those who can - do, those who can't - teach, and those who can't do either - administrate".
    As Jerry says - go make a few placements!
    Good Luck!

  6. Terrific feedback John! Thanks! I am working on making placements. I would really enjoy a contract or a corporate role, hence my frustration:)!

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