Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Warm Cold Call for the Passive Candidate

I have never liked the phrase Cold Call. When I was trained to become a Recruiter, we learned to use the phrase Warm Call. Well, after all, that is what the inititial call is isn't it? If the call is cold you will, well be cold. The candidate or client for that matter will be cold. It is really that simple. I don't need any "guru" to tell me differently.

I was recently interviewed on the @Animal Radio Show http://snurl.com/fzl4i. During the interview I was asked to Warm Call a Passive Candidate. This was unrehearsed and improvised. Here is the 10 minute audio clip http://cli.gs/coldcall. I will let the clip speak for itself and allow you to think what you would like to. The Passive Candidate is Craig Fisher of http://www.alistsolutions.com/ and @Fishdogs.


  1. This call was entirely unplanned and unrehearsed. I was impressed at Dave's ability to keep up the patter in a friendly way and not become dislodged by Craig's objections.

    I see the logic of changing the name. I wouldn't call them warm calls however because they are not necessarily warm on the other side.

    Relationship-building calls sounds okay to me. The only objection there is that if you are recruiting outside of any niche you are not necessarily calling to build a relationship. It's just a Recruiting Call, plain, simple and transactional.

  2. Don't you think that one of the Recruiter's goa;s in that call is to make it warm on the other side?

  3. Don't you think that one of the Recruiter's goals in that call is to make it warm on the other side?

  4. Great job Dave on not getting flustered and maintaining your composure under fire - exactly what can happen on a cold call. I understand the logic behind the term. No prior contact, no warm up, usually pretty cold at least in the beginning.

    The relationship building that occurs during the call can turn it into a warm or even "hot" call. Hot calls are the kind I like :-).

    Listening to you I fully understand how your calls don't remain cold for long.

  5. Great example Dave. Great learning for me and many I am sure.