Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some Thoughts on Social Recruiting

In case you have not heard, there is a Group on Twitter #socialrecruiting. This appears to be have been spawned by @dmanaster of ERE fame and @scottbaxt as far as I can determine. Another great site for this @socrecruiting. Follow these people and Sites.

This is a terrific and timely idea for the direction that the two disciplines of Social Media are heading or should I say colliding. This could very well be the “Big Bang” theory we have been seeking in Social Media and Recruiting.

How do we leverage the best of both disciplines? I have some thoughts. These thoughts are mine and in no way reflect the thoughts of anyone mentioned in this brief paper aimed at stimulating discussion.

We need to partner with the Social Media influencers and all of the experts in Social Media to leverage their clients for us to have an impact on Social Recruiting. We need a workable alliance of SM and Recruiting voices to develop an infrastructure that will allow us all to be successful in providing high quality cost effective solutions to our clients for Human Capital Sourcing and Acquisition and Social Media services. The time appears to be right for a radical shift in the thinking of corporate America on how to attract and retain Talent. Much is written about this daily. We need a blueprint and we need builders to execute this blueprint. Social Recruiting can be this blueprint. The manner in which these highly experienced and intelligent professional interact with their clients will enable us to leverage our Recruiting agenda. Without this partnering endorsement and our own efforts and experience in alliance we will have a much more difficult task ahead of us

We need people with strong influential Recruiting voices, who are willing to share their experience. We need the best of both SM and Recruiting for a thesis, antithesis synthesis to occur (my apology to Hegel) for a powerful solution to our challenge. The SM relationships and expertise and our Recruiting relationships and expertise are the mechanism for entry into the conscious of an enlightened Corporate America. We need to identify companies conducting business in the SM space being responsive to their customers by going where their customers are and listening to them. This will be paramount for our collective success.


  1. As a corporate recruiter, I couldn't agree more. Social media allows us to take a radical turn in how we think about recruiting. It changes the conversation from building a list of passive candidates to building a community of talent where you can engage in dialogue on a regular basis. I see the power of social media and how it can change recruiting. In fact, I'm working to implement a social recruiting plan for my current company.

  2. Great Article! I love when people get it, and you seriously get it. I could be happier to see others share the same light as I do. It's uncertain where things will go, but I can definitely say with confidence it's not back to the phonebook. Great work here.

  3. Great article! Social media is the shot in the arm our profession needed. You will know it is mainstream when you start to see it in the "how were you referred?" drop down menus. I am excited to see other people on board as well.

  4. Hi David, a very interesting post. I have been evangelizing the term social recruiting since early 2007. We incorporated our company and called it a social recruiting platform. With the evolution of Web 2.0 technologies and social media tools our ability as recruiters to connect, inform and engage our existing and future talent pool has changed dramatically. I've been amazed how the term social recruiting has been adopted by our industry and excited by events like the ERE's Social Recruiting Summit.

  5. David,
    I couldn’t agree more – social media is such a powerful tool for both recruiting and sales – gives us direct access to such a large pool of candidates and prospects.

    Of course, we have to play by the rules and conventions of the medium. Overt self/product promotion doesn’t seem to get great responses in the SM atmosphere.
    Currently, I’m developing a social marketing strategy for The Staffing Cooperative, http://www.staffingcooperative.com and trying to figure out how to use these tools in an effective, efficient, disciplined, and value generating manner as part of a larger marketing/branding strategy.
    Glad to see other people thinking hard about social media in recruiting and staffing.