Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our Customer, The Hiring Manager

The most important skill in your repertoire is your ability to build credibility with the Hiring Managers and become a "trusted advisor." This is paramount to our success as Recruiters. The Hiring Manager is our customer. Without a Partnership with the Hiring Manager we cannot be successful. It is that simple.

The Hiring Manager needs to know that you have developed a strong working relationship with the candidate on everything the candidate needs to be closed on and the candidate has a basic understanding of the position.

If the Hiring Manager does not believe in you and your candidate your chances for success are diminished greatly. Simply put, you will not schedule any interviews and you will not facilitate any hires.

One of the best ways of building credibility with the Hiring Manager is to take an active interest in the Hiring Manager’s line of business. Find out from the Hiring Manger what he or she views as their major challenges and why would someone want to work for them. Ask the Hiring Manager to meet his most successful people. If you are asked to call the candidate, do so as quickly as possible and give the feedback as quickly as possible. This is a great way to verify what you have done and build credibility with your customer.

The most effective way to “build a placement” is to dialogue with the Hiring Manager about what you are doing and what feedback you are receiving from the candidates.

Some of the techniques I have found to be helpful are the following; determine with the Hiring Manager why I candidate is a fit or not, weekly feedback thru email or a meeting (depending on the logistics), only forwarding candidates that fit the parameters developed with the Hiring Manager and HONESTY which is the most important.

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  1. Great article! Without establishing trust and credibility with a hiring manager, it becomes challenging to find a win-win. Frequent communication is key, and I would certainly agree that it helps to take a genuine interest in their line of business.