Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hey, Recruiters and Talent Acquisition Specialists do you "get it?"

What does it take for Recruiters and Talent Acquisition Specialists to "get it?"

There are Recruiters and Talent Acquisition Specialists, and there appears to be many, that have poor skills in contacting talent and sharing feedback with talent as they do with business partners and clients. It is not because they are bogged down or are too busy. The Recruiters and Talent Acquisition Specialists don't know what to do when faced with talent, business partners and clients that are initiating contact and asking for feedback.They lack the skills. For the most part, there is lip service paid to providing a "positive candidate experience" in the corporate, and third party Recruiting and Talent Acquisition space. Please, from the third party space, do not tell me the client is who you are working for, you are working for the talent also. Believe it!

These same Recruiters and Talent Acquisition Specialists are not sharing information in a timely manner with there internal business partners or clients either. How do I know this? I ask the people I have relationships with questions to gather the data. I have many examples that support my assertions stated here gathered from my own experience in securing engagements, hearing such from internal business partners and from talent I am acquiring for clients.

My thought is "best practices" that are initiated to manage the communication of information that begins with the Recruiters and Talent Acquisition Specialists is a solution. Everyone will be surprised how the quality of the activity/productivity arc will increase if the quality of timely communication is increased. Yes, this will result in a shorter time to fill and higher retention rates (the two staples of best practices). Having said that, I would also dare to say that metrics are misinterpreted to mean "best practices."

That is it, as simply as I could state it. If you want to discuss this please accept my invitation to. Too bad only the Recruiters and Talent Acquisition Specialists that "get it" from organizations that "get it" will want to discuss.